North American Tang Shou Tao

Shen Long Xingyiquan

Shen Long Xingyiquan is the core system of xingyiquan taught within the association. It comes to us through Hsu Hong-Chi of Taipei, Taiwan. Master Hsu was a senior student of Hung I-Hsiang, who founded the original Tang Shou Tao Association in Taiwan. Hung I-Hsiang received his xingyiquan and baguazhang training from Zhang Junfeng.

Zhang Junfeng studied baguazhang with Gao Yisheng and xingyiquan with Li Cunyi in Tianjin, China, before moving to Taiwan in the late 1940’s. Li Cunyi’s xingyiquan can be traced through Liu Qilan to Li Laoneng (also known as Li Nengran) to Dai Longbang to Cao Jiwu to the art’s commonly credited founder, Ji Jike (also known as Ji Longfeng).

Vince Black studied with Hsu Hong-Chi from 1973 until the latter’s death 11 years later. Master Hsu was an outstanding martial artist and healer, as well as an avid researcher, who sought out various teachers and written materials from a wide variety of disciplines. He believed strongly in developing a high level of gongfu in both the healing and martial arts.