North American Tang Shou Tao

Vince Black

Vince Black began his journey in the martial arts in the early 1960’s with Kajukenbo instructor Jay LaBistre in Yuma, AZ. During a visit to the Los Angeles area in 1973, he met his first xingyiquan instructor, Master Hsu Hong-Chi.

This first introduction would lead to a ten-year relationship with Master Hsu. Mr. Black studied with Master Hsu when he came to California, hosted Master Hsu at his school in Yuma, and went to Taiwan on numerous occasions, including a trip in 1980 when he won the super heavyweight division of the Cheng Chung Cup Invitational Tournament.

In addition to teaching xingyiquan, Master Hsu also taught Chinese medical theory according to the classics, tuina, bone-setting, and herbal applications for acute injuries. In 1985 Mr. Black received his Diplomat in Acupuncture with the National Certification of Acupuncturists, and in 1986, received his Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree from California Acupuncture College in San Diego. After Master Hsu’s death in 1984, and following his advice, Vince Black continued to seek out other instructors in the Chinese internal arts, traveling throughout mainland China.

Today Mr. Black continues to seek out true masters in the traditional healing and martial arts who can contribute to the Association at large.