North American Tang Shou Tao

Song Shirong Xingyiquan

Song Shirong-Style Xingyiquan was brought to us through Li Guichang, one of the foremost practitioners of Song-style Xingyiquan in Shanxi Province in China. Master Li started his xingyiquan practice in 1926 at the age of 14 with Dong Xiusheng, a xingyiquan master and highly regarded Chinese doctor. Dong Xiusheng was a student of Song Huchen, son of the famous xingyiquan master Song Shirong. Song Shirong’s xingyiquan can be traced to its founder through his teacher, Li Nengran (see Shen Long Xingyiquan lineage).

Li Guichang’s teacher, Dong Xiusheng, also studied xingyiquan and baguazhang with Sun Lutang and Geng Jishan, both of whom were baguazhang students of Cheng Tinghua. Dong also studied xingyiquan with Liu Wenhua, son of Liu Qilan. Li Guichang continued his study with Dong Xiusheng until 1936; Master Dong passed away in 1938.

Vince Black met Li Guichang in 1989 and, thanks to his perseverance and Master Li’s openness, was able to return to China on several occasions to continue study with him prior to Master Li’s death in 2000. The North American Tang Shou Tao continues to research Song Shirong Xingyiquan through its connections with Master Li’s students.