North American Tang Shou Tao

Ethan Murchie

NAME: Ethan Murchie

Centre de Recherche Gongfu De Montréal
Montréal Gongfu Research Center

LOCATION: Montréal, Québec. Canada


  • Shen Long Xingyiquan (Certified Instructor)
  • Gao Yisheng Baguazhang (Certified Instructor)
  • Liang Zhenpu Baguazhang (Certified Instructor)
  • San Miguel Escrima
  • Kajukenbo
  • Jin Shou Tuina

I began training martial arts at the age of 19 after surviving a serious illness. I was in search of a way to regain my health. After training some Taijiquan, some escrima, some karate, I discovered Baguazhang and began looking for a good Bagua teacher. This led me to the doorstep of Vince Black. I have been with Vince and the Tang Shou Tao ever since, 13 years now.
During that time I have had opportunity to train with many of our Senior Advisors in China and in the States; I have become a certified instructor with NATSTA and a registered acupuncturist in Canada. I currently operate an Acupuncture and Tuina clinic and a gongfu school where we continue to research the internal arts in both the martial and medical fields. I am particularly interested in the application of Gongfu medicine in humanitarian settings and impoverished communities. I am currently serving as president of NATSTA.

(514) 907-4591